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When one lakh people subscribe to your YouTube channel, how much money can you make?

Are you wondering how much money can one earn while having 1 lakh Youtube subscribers? In this blog we will talk about how much money can be earned by having 1 lakh Youtube subscribers.

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How much Money for 1 Lakh Subscribers on Youtube?


This is how much money one can earn for 1 lakh subscribers on Youtube — Youtube can pay around Rs 1,98,500 to Rs 3,29,000 if your channel has 1,00,000 Youtube subscribers. Indian Youtubers with 1,00,000 subs in India can earn even more.

One Lakh Subscribers Income in India


Having 1 lakh subscribers on YouTube can generate a decent income. You can monetize your videos and promote products or brands through your channel. Affiliate marketing and sponsored content are additional ways to earn money. Charging for channel access or offering exclusive content can also bring in revenue. In India, reaching 1 lakh subscribers is a significant achievement, as it enables creators to monetize their content through ads, sponsorships, and merchandise sales.

1 Lakh Subscribers On YT Money in India


One method for content creators to earn money is by utilizing Google AdSense, which permits them to exhibit advertisements on their videos and receive a portion of the generated revenue. Advertisers compete for ad space, and the advertisement of the highest bidder is displayed. Creators can also engage in negotiations with brands for sponsorships, where the brand compensates them for showcasing their products or services in their videos.

Creators have the opportunity to generate income through the sale of merchandise. This can include items like t-shirts, mugs, and phone cases that feature their brand or logo. Additionally, creators can partner with merchandise companies to create and sell products that are relevant to their channel.

In addition to the various methods of monetization on YouTube, creators have the opportunity to earn money through the YouTube Partner Program. This program enables creators to receive a portion of the revenue that their videos generate. To qualify for the program, creators must meet specific criteria, including having a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and accumulating 4,000 watch hours within the past 12 months.

Creators have the opportunity to earn money through Super Chat, where viewers can choose to pay to have their comments featured during live streams. Additionally, creators can earn a percentage of the revenue generated from their videos watched with YouTube Premium.

However, it should be noted that earning money on YouTube in India can be challenging and requires a significant amount of effort, commitment, and consistency in order to establish a successful channel. The competition is strong, and creators must be capable of producing top-notch content that resonates with their intended viewership and distinguishes itself from rival channels.

Furthermore, creators must have the capability to promote their channel and expand their audience. Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook can be utilized to promote their channel and interact with their audience.

YouTube is a popular platform for content creators to share their videos and reach a global audience. It has experienced significant growth in India, where many creators have built successful channels and earned money through their content. YouTube has become a reliable source of income for many individuals in India.

How much does Youtube pay Youtubers with Youtube money for a Youtube channel with 1 Lakh subscribers?


The number of views on your YouTube videos determines your earnings. Subscribers also play a crucial role. In India, YouTube income for 100,000 subscribers ranges from Rs 1,98,400 to Rs 330,770. The exact amount can vary for each content creator.

How much money Youtube pays for 1 Lakh Youtube subscribers in India in Rupees (INR) for Indian Youtubers with famous Youtube videos?


Reaching 1 lakh subscribers on YouTube in India is a significant milestone for any creator. It enables monetization through various methods, including ads, sponsorships, merchandise sales, and YouTube's Partner Program. However, it is important to acknowledge that earning money on YouTube in India requires substantial effort, commitment, and consistency to establish a successful channel.

Creators must possess the ability to generate top-notch content that resonates with their intended audience and distinguishes itself from rivals.

Youtube money always comes from channel memberships and ads, also from ad revenue streams, and from ads shown on your Youtube journey, so they can also earn cash from merchandise sales like phone cases and t shirts.

All the revenue generated during all the live streams will help youtubers earn money, like the popular youtubers who do it daily, with high quality content that gets them a high number of views while creating content. 

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